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Diane Citrino And Kathleen Nitschke Representing Plaintiffs In Fair Housing Disability Litigation; Featured On TheIndianaLawyer.Com

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GK attorneys Diane Citrino and Kathleen Nitschke are representing disabled plaintiffs as well as a fair housing organization in a federal lawsuit against a housing provider who failed to fix the sole elevator for over five weeks, trapping residents on higher floors. published an article on the story here.

Some of the plaintiffs who had mobility impairments were literally prisoners in their own homes, despite the apartment building being marketed as housing for the elderly.

Attorneys Diane Citrino and Kathleen Nitschke are fighting to protect the rights and interests of their clients, but they are not alone. Also representing the plaintiffs are Thomas E. Crishon and Melissa L. Keyes of Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services.