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Diane Citrino to speak at the 12th Annual Leadership Development and Training Institute & Awards Luncheon

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12th Annual Leadership Development and Training Institute & Awards Luncheon – Thursday, November 2, 2017 at the Cleveland State University – Student Center – 3rd Floor Grand Ballroom.

Diane Citrino will be speaking on the topic: “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: From Myth to an Everyday Reality!”  Hear about how we can deal with sexual harassment and reporting it!  Click here to view program details

Giffen & Kaminski Wins Victory at Trial

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GK won a victory at trial for a financial institution sued in its capacity as a trustee of a family trust.  The case was brought by half of the beneficiaries of a family trust who claimed that our client breached its fiduciary duty as trustee by misrepresenting to the beneficiaries that the final distribution would be divided differently than as stated in the trust document and that the trustee improperly made distributions of principle.

  • The cross examinations of the beneficiaries and of the opposing expert were both crucial to the victory.
  • The case presented many legal issues that were all decided in our client’s favor.
  • The Court granted our request that our client’s legal fees be paid from the suing beneficiaries’ distributive share of the trust.

Giffen & Kaminski Inducted into the C|M|LAW Hall of Fame

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On October 19, 2017 Karen Giffen and Kerin Lyn Kaminski will be inducted into the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (C|M|LAW) Hall of Fame. The C|M|LAW Hall of Fame was established to honor the outstanding contributions to the success and prestige of our law school by distinguished alumni, faculty, staff, friends and community leaders.

Karen and Kerin are being honored as “Living Legends” and are included in a class of inductees who graduated from or made significant contributions to Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and continue to contribute to the esteemed reputation of C|M|LAW today. It is with great pride that we celebrate their professional accomplishments.


Recent 6th Circuit Win Featured in the ABA Journal

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Last year’s victory by GK attorneys Karen Giffen and Donald Bulea was affirmed by the 6th Circuit when it found that a $666 pay raise was not satanic retaliation for union organizing. The ABA’s, Debra Cassens Weiss published an article in the September ABA Journal entitled, “6th Circuit rejects law prof’s claim that ‘mark of the beast’ pay raise constituted retaliation.”  The article discusses the matter of Jean Lifter v. Cleveland State University, et al., where District Court Judge Patricia A. Gaughan found for the University and the Dean of the law school and against faculty who claimed the Dean had retaliated against them due to their union organizing.

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