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NEOACC January 8th Event

Presents on January 8th

“With That Facebook Post, Our Case is a Slam Dunk!” #socialmediausedasevidence

Bring your tablets, phones and laptops — this technologically interactive seminar will focus on the admissibility and use of social media as evidence in litigation. Also discussed will be the legal applications of social media outside of litigation, with a focus on The Stored Communications Act of 1986, disclosure and discovery.

Kerin Lyn Kaminski, Partner, Giffen & Kaminski, LLC
Karen L. Giffen, Partner, Giffen & Kaminski, LLC
Melissa Laubenthal, Associate, Giffen & Kaminski, LLC
Donald (Doni) Campbell Bulea, Associate, Giffen & Kaminski, LLC
Ilah Adkins, Senior Vice President and Director of Legal Services, Citizens Financial Group

8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Corporate College East
4400 Richmond Road, Room 205
Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128