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Document Services

At times, the volume of documents or the immediacy of deadlines in major litigation, bankruptcy matters, or due diligence makes document review difficult or cost prohibitive.  Giffen & Kaminski will partner with in-house legal departments or outside counsel to create practical document review solutions.  We have attorneys with document review experience, ready to provide timely, cost-effective services.

Service Offerings

  • Objective and Subjective Document Review
  • Privilege or Relevance Determinations
  • Confidentiality Classification
  • Document Organization and Coding
  • Issue Spotting
  • Harvesting and Inventory
  • Source Identification


  • Hard Copies
  • Soft Copies
  • E-Documents
  • E-Mail

Location Flexibility

  • Client’s place of business
  • Giffen & Kaminski Offices
  • Remote Location

Our practice areas are narrowly tailored to fit the background and experience of our lawyers. Our practice areas include:

Our Office
  • Cleveland Office
    1300 East Ninth Street
    Suite 1600
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Phone: 216-621-5161
    Fax: 216-621-2399