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Mediation & Arbitration

At Giffen & Kaminski, our arbitration and mediation practices are private, convenient, and practical alternatives to litigation. Alternative dispute resolutions are growing rapidly in popularity as disputes tend to be resolved swiftly and in a more cost-effective manner while putting the parties involved in the driver’s seat. We are known for their creativity, practicality, and listening skills as problem solvers and are committed to our clients’ satisfaction by scoping out peaceful resolutions through collaboration and guidance.

Mediation allows clients to be active participants in the decision making process rather than having a resolution forced upon them despite their concerns. Through an open exchange of discussion with a neutral mediator, the parties are given control to propose a customized and mutually satisfying solution, putting an end to the dispute without a ‘winner’ or ‘loser.’ We provide knowledge and guidance while facilitating the conversation to help both parties identify their needs and reach a positive outcome. This process of direct involvement allows both parties to regain control of their lives and move forward with their heads held high.

Arbitration is another voluntary and confidential alternative to the litigation process that provides opposing parties with an opportunity to express their true interests to a neutral third party in an informal setting. The appointed arbitrator makes a final decision in favor of one of the parties as a judge would, but without the high costs and technicalities that come with court trials. Arbitration gives clients the opportunity to reach a resolution earlier in a private, less formal setting. Our goal is to find the most sensible and fair resolution meeting the clients’ most critical needs.

Our practice areas are narrowly tailored to fit the background and experience of our lawyers. Our practice areas include:

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